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7 Stud Poker Guide for New Online Players

Real Time Gaming is the most popular online casino platform that accepts players from the United States. The company was launched in Sandy Springs in 1998, but has since moved to Costa Rica. RTG’s software is extremely fast and stable.

With Real Time Gaming software, you can play different forms of video poker, the standard form of the game as well as the newer variations. One of these is 7 Stud poker. Once you have played a few hands you will begin to understand where the game gets its name. Unlike other types of video poker, you will be dealt not five cards, but seven. Only the first and third card are dealt facing up. Every time you place a bet after that, another one of the cards is turned up and the face revealed. If you find this method a little slow, you can use the Deal All button at the bottom of the screen, and that will allow you to see all the cards at once, but at a cost.

This game is played with a 52 card deck, plus a joker. 7 Stud plays fast and accurately, and like all RTG casino games, there will be guaranteed fair play. You can bet from one to five coins before each deal of the cards, and this makes you feel like a participant at the neighbourhood poker games.

Playing 7 Stud Video Poker

In other forms of video poker, a matching pair could give you a small reward, but in 7 Stud you need not place any wager for a hand with less than three of a kind. If you do manage to find all the cards needed for a royal flush, you will win a substantial five hundred coins. You do have a greater chance of finding a combination of winning cards in 7 Stud than in other forms of video poker, as you have seven cards to choose from instead of five. This will give you a higher edge, as there is a definite possibility of at least one good combination every few hands.

A Gambling Bonus Round

7 Stud is also a favourite game for all those who live a game of cards, but also enjoy the bonus game system you find in slots games. Those players will then enjoy the bonus game in 7 Stud, which you can access if you find a straight or a hand with an even higher value. This involves a double or nothing round. You can bet the amount that you have just won on the chance to double it by trying to guess correctly whether the next random card drawn is either numerically big or small. If you guess big, you will be gambling on the appearance of an eight, nine, ten, jack, queen or king, and if you choose small, you will hope for the appearance of an ace, two, three, four, five or six. The number seven is left out of the equation, as the appearance of a seven, whether you chose big or small, will end the round.

This does not make for any guaranteed wins, but if you do manage to guess correctly, you have another chance to double those winnings by playing that game again at the top 5 pokies sites for mobile. In essence, 7 Stud could give you a double double win. All you need is a little luck!

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