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Big Foot Online Slot Details for Casino Players

The Big Foot slot game is a creation of Next Gen. As the name clearly states, it is based around the mythical creature said to be roaming the forests, somehow evading detection. The aim of the game is to track down big foot using various methods, some more high tech then others. Whether the player actually officially finds the creature will be determined by if they manage to match a bonus sequence.

The graphics and visuals of the game are firmly tongue in cheek, using cartoon-ish images that are clearly not meant to be taken seriously. Big Foot himself looks like some kind of large teddy bear, about as close to how a real big foot would look as a flying pig. The result is a visual aesthetic that is endearing and charming, but not in the least bit realistic. If the player, for some unknown reasons, thinks they are going to find the realistic Big Foot experience via the Big Foot slot game, they certainly won’t.

Game Systems

The Big Foot slot game uses a five reel, 25 betting line play system. The reels are manually adjustable, activated via the up and down arrows on the user interface, meaning that the game offers much in the way of strategic options. There is also a gamble button, seen to the lift of the spin button, which allows for a quick chance at doubling any winds achieved.

Like in some slots at, there is a wild symbol, which acts as a joker card and will match with any other symbol, as well as a scatter symbol, which does not have to be adjacent in order to create a match.  We’ll look at these bonus symbols in more detail later.

Standard Play Symbols

Turn your eyes to the forest adventurer, a man with spectacles and some sort of tracking device in his hands. It is his job, and yours, to track down the hairy ape-man. Whether this curious soul will or won’t achieve his goal is a mystery, but he doesn’t have to in order to be the most valuable standard symbol in the game. Match him five times and watch the loot roll in.

Some of the other standard symbols in the Big Foot slot game are the river, big foot sign, and corn on a cob. The corn on a cob seems to be some sort of lure intended on attracting the creature. Who knew Big Foots ate corn?

Big Foot Slot Symbols

Bonuses and Specials

Big Foot has already been mentioned as the wild symbol in the game. See him animate, stomping along clumsily, upon being matched. He will match with any other standard symbol in the game to create a matching sequence, but may not match with himself.

The footprint is the scatter symbol in the Big Foot online pokies game. Match this symbol three times and it will trigger the bonus mini-game. You have tracked down Big Foot! Snap photos of him by clicking on his image, which will reveal cash prizes hidden beneath. Miss a photo, however, and the mini-game will come to an end.

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