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Most Popular Online Casino Games

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to retreat to our homes where we are safe and also, bored. Gamblers across the globe are itching to get back into the casino but unfortunately this is not always a viable option. This means that now, more than ever, people are making use of the array of high-quality online casinos that are so easily accessible online.

With the rapid advances in technology that have taken place over the past decade, playing an online game has never been so enjoyable. When you become familiar with the various intricacies of the online world, it may even become your preferred alternative.

There is a myriad of benefits that come with gambling online; it is far more convenient, you have access to a greater pool of players, and due to the lack of extravagant overhead costs, your odds are better and your pay-outs higher. There are a few games that stand out as particularly popular and these should be tried by every gambler new to the world of online casinos.


Poker is, and always be, a staple in the gambling sphere – both online and not. Playing against random number generators (RNGs) is a valuable training technique as it allows you to become familiar with the rules of the game at a relaxed pace in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to partake in tournaments that range in variants from Texas Hold’em, and Caribbean Stud to Oasis Poker.


This game of chance never fails to attract an abundance of players. This is possibly due to its simplicity as the essence of the game is that you have to predict what number the ball will land on and thus it does not require any advanced strategizing or calculation on the player’s part.

The bets placed in Roulette can be divided into two distinct categories, outside and inside bets. The former refers to a bet on the properties of the number while the latter has to do with betting on a specific individual number or even, a group of numbers.


The low house edge of Blackjack makes it a favourite amongst the online gambling community. It favours neither the house nor the dealer and so, the player can feel secure in placing slightly riskier bets. This game of 21 offers multiple variants and with this comes the hope and dream of a big win. If you are seeking a thrill without straying too far outside of your comfort zone, Blackjack should not be overlooked.


When it comes to playing craps, many experienced gamblers actually prefer to play it online as you are not obliged to adhere to complex table etiquette. The high-quality graphics and audio provided on an online platform allows the player to feel as if they are sitting at a real-life Craps table.

The game consists of predicting the outcome of the rolls of a pair of dice. The most popular variants are Playtech, Microgaming, and Betsoft.

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