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Top Animal Themed Slots That You Can Play

Humans and animals go together like carrots and peas. Since the dawn of time, we humans have sought the companionship of our furry friends that live with us on this blue ball. Some of us have pets and some of us would love to have pets, but life dictates that we cannot. There is great news for you as we explore some of the best animal themed online slots that is available.

Cats And Cash, It’s a Meow  

As animal companions go, cats go back to almost the dawn of time. In Egypt they were honoured as gods and rightfully so. What is more comforting than the low drone of a cat spinning while lying on you? While Cats and cash won’t be lying on your chest or head but you for love, it will give you hours of unending pleasure.

With 5 rows and 3 reels, Cats and Cash offer you 15 pay lines. The imagery shows cats in complete opulence, dressed as if they were human, living the life of luxury. The icons also include rich jewellery, gold bars and of course what is a cat game without a fish. Bonus rounds feature as separate mini games, offering you even more opportunities to win. With so many opportunities to win and great cartoon imagery, Cats and Cash is purrrrrrfect.

Out Of The Mists

Sigourney Weaver made us fall in love with Gorillas in ‘Gorillas in the Mist’. Gorillas have always fascinated us and what could be more fascinating than admiring these primates while winning at slots. Gorilla was created by Novomatic who once again delivered when it comes to their magical imagery.

Gorilla has 5 reels and 50 pay lines. The game features 2 additional chances at winning free spins.

In true Novomatic style they have also enhanced Gorilla by giving the player an additional wild symbol on each real. Besides for all of these incredible features, the game also features some of the most beautiful images of gorillas and the kingdom in which they live. It will be a wild life safari. One that you can get to win great amounts of money on.

Under The Sea

Sebastian the crab new what he was talking about when he said: “Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea” The deep blue has been a mystery to mankind since, forever. Dolphins Pearl is most certainly the slot to spin if you love sea animals. As you can imagine, the main character in this slot is a dolphin. The dolphin is also the wild symbol. The game does however also feature other sea creatures as part of its imagery.

Another Novomatic masterpiece, Dolphins Pearl has so many opportunities for you to win, that it is almost a crime not to play. At maximum bet, you could win 90 000 tokens with 5 dolphins. Besides for that fact that you can win at almost every spin, the times 2 multiplier is automatically linked to every single win that you get. With just three of the oysters tokens you get 15 free spins. Looking at Dolphins Pearl, we can see what Sebastian meant.

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