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Casino Dress Codes Around The World

Due to the movies and days gone by, we have images in our head of what the dress code should be like at a casino. But which event at the casino will Jack and Rose be attending when they meet at the bottom of the beautiful staircase or are those days long gone? While most casinos in the world offer you a relaxed attire, there are still occasions that you can show off your wardrobe.

The Most Formal Bow Tie

The white tie dress code is the smartest dress code that you will ever be required to dress in at a casino, or anywhere for that matter. That is if you are going to go to an incredibly formal event at the This is even smarter than the famed 007. If you are thinking of white tie then your mind needs to go to formal dinners during the 1700s where every person had a footman serving you in the dining hall.

Men are required to wear black tails, and a crisp white shirt that is stiffened in the front. Your pants should have a satin stripe down the sides and on your feet are black socks and leather shoes. Of course, the outfit is rounded off with gloves, cufflinks and a white bow tie. For ladies this requires you to wear a floor length evening gown with high heels. Long gloves on and a clutch purse. Lavish jewellery and a beautiful tiara is even allowed.

 Still In Bow Ties

The second most formal dress code would be the black tie event. The events at the casino for black tie will almost always be after 18:00 whereas white tie can be at any hour. Just like white tie events, black tie events are incredibly exclusive and is by invitation only. While we are no longer having dinner at Downton, we are still Oscars ready.

The male dress code for black tie still requires black socks and leather shoes but the pants no longer have to have a satin stripe. A formal white shirt is acceptable with a dinner jacket in black or midnight blue and of course, the black bow tie. Ladies can still wear an evening gown. If this is too long you can go as short as knee length.  Shawls and scarfs are acceptable as are gloves and a clutch. Evening shoes is a must. You have to look Kate Middleton ready.

From Bow Ties, To Ties

Semi formal classifies in some cases as formal. They are really one and the same thing. These events generally take place during the morning. The dress code for semi formal is rather quite simplistic. Think of going to your friend’s wedding and the invite said that you need to be dressed as formal. That is in fact what is classified as semi formal.

For men this is smart shoes and pants with a smart dinner shirt and tie of any colour. Usually, one that would match your jacket. Yes, jackets are still in here. Ladies now have an opportunity to wear that little black number with their evening shoes or even a smart pants suit. Cocktail dresses are a good go to. You can now also replace your clutch with a handbag.

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