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IGT Bar X Magic 7 Online Slot Review for New Players

IGT Bar X Magic 7 is an online fruit machine. It is based on the original slot cabinet by Electrocoin. It features a single pay line setup with a Nudge and Hold button.

There are no Wilds, Scatters or Free Spins but you can use these buttons to increase your potential winning odds. Wager start off at 0.25 but this wager amount can be adjusted by raising the value of your wager coins. Players can make a maximum spin of 20.

IGT Bar X Magic 7 Reel Symbols

IGT Bar X Magic 7 features a very simple setup of the payout symbols. There are only three symbols to take into consideration. The Red X symbols, the White Bar symbols and the Yellow Lucky 7 symbol.

For a payout you must match three symbols on an active pay line. Three Red X’s will pay out 10 coins, three White Bar symbols will pay out 20 coins and three Yellow 7s will pay out 50 coins.

IGT Bar X Magic 7 Game Controls

On the right hand side of the IGT Bar X Magic 7 reels you will find the game controls. The purple button that says Start will begin spinning the reels after you have placed your wager. Above this button you will find the Auto bet settings. Here you can set up certain amount of spins at a set wager value that you can adjust.

Above this you will see your stake and winnings display. Stake shows what the current wager value is that you are playing with and the winnings display shows how much you earn when you land a winning combination.

IGT Bar X Magic 7 Additional Controls

At the bottom of the IGT Bar X Magic 7 reels, you will see some additional buttons. These buttons are the Nudge and Hold buttons for each of the three reels. These buttons are a feature from classic fruit machines that they have included in this online conversion of the original slot cabinet.

These buttons will either hold the current reels in place or nudge them one symbol. For players familiar with the original game, it should be noted that in the original game, if you had two matching symbols on a win line that were on hold, the third symbol will always land on a matching symbol to complete the pay line. This does not happen in the online version.

IGT Bar X Magic 7 Wagering

IGT Bar X Magic 7 allows players to make real money wagers like in horse racing betting Australia are made. In order to do this, you must first sign up and register at an online casino of your choice that features IGT Bar X Magic 7. Once you are registered you will receive a player account. You can now deposit real money which you can use to wager.

Online casinos will often support multiple currencies since games are available for players all across the world. It is a good idea to first check that your chosen casino will support the currency you wish to play in.

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