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Playing Mobile Boule Online

Most people will agree that the biggest advantage of playing online casino games is being able to sample thousands of games from around the world. Because of their international accessibility, online casinos give players the chance to play interesting and exotic casino games that they would normally not find in their local land based casino.

This is especially true for the game of Boule. Commonly known as La boule, this French casino game is similar to Roulette and can be played at most online and mobile casinos. In the notes below we are going to explain how to play mobile online Boule so that you can win real money playing like a pro.

The Basics of Mobile Boule

The mobile version of Boule is played in exactly the same way as the online version. As with Roulette, the classic version of Boule is played with a Boule wheel, a betting table and a rubber ball. The wheel consists of 36 numbered holes which are either red, black or yellow.

The numbers range from 1 to 9 and they are placed next to the holes in a consecutive order. In mobile online Boule, each number is imprinted on the boule wheel four times which means that the ball is more likely to land on a particular number than in roulette.

Betting in Mobile Boule

In mobile online Boule, the game of boule begins with players placing their bets. As soon as the bets are made the computer spins the wheel and launches the ball. Eventually the ball stops on one of the numbers and this determines the winners.

In mobile Boule, betting is similar to roulette.  Players can bet on a single number, on a colour, on odd and even numbers and on the low (1,2,3,4) and high (6,7,8,9) groupings of consecutive numbers. In mobile online Boule, the number 5 is is the same as a 0 or 00 in roulette, the hole next to 5 is yellow which means that all of the wagers which did not bet on 5 are lost. As there are as much as four 5’s on the wheel the chances of it being spun are greater than those of spinning 0 in roulette.

Mobile Boule Strategies

In mobile online Boule, the pay-out structure is fairly simple. All of the single number bets pay out 7:1. This means that all the other bets, (odd, even, red, black, low, high) pay out even money 1:1. Because of the number of 5’s in the wheel, the house edge is slightly higher than roulette at 11.11%. If you are new to the game, the best way to get started is by playing for free. Once you understand the game a bit better, you can always swap over to playing for real money at any time.

The same strategy can be applied when playing real money online bingo NZ on sites like I mobile Boule it is always best to start betting on the even money bets. Even though the pay-out is lower, the chances of hitting a winner is increased which means that your winnings will start going up from the get go. If you have won a decent amount of cash, you can put some aside and go for the bigger single number bets for a chance at a higher pay-out.

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