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Find out the Details about Roulette Games Online

One of the most appealing aspects of playing roulette games online is the fact that you can choose between French, European, American and Atlantic City rules without having to change continents. Each variation of the game has its own appeal, with differing rules, table minimums and house edges, and even a different wheel. But it’s very seldom that you’ll find an American wheel in a European casino or vice versa.

Fortunately, this is not the case when you play roulette games online. What’s more, other perks of internet roulette include free play, welcome bonuses, and even fun roulette alternatives like boule.

Try Double-Zero American and Atlantic City Wheels

Although roulette games were originally played in France back in the late 18th Century, it didn’t take long for their popularity to spread to the rest of the world. Soon after that, other countries began putting their own spin on things.

In America, for example, roulette games are played on a wheel with an additional zero, which changes the game in interesting ways. There are also another unique variant of American roulette called Atlantic City roulette. The main appeal of American and Atlantic City rules is that table minimums on these roulette games tend to be substantially lower, making them ideal for novices.

Atlantic City Roulette Wheel at Casino

Or Single-Zero French and European Wheels

In contrast to their American counterparts, roulette games in France and the rest of Europe are still played on the traditional single-zero wheel. The result is a significantly diminished house edge, although table minimums tend to be higher.

French roulette games have the added benefit of the en prison or half-back rule, which allows players to win back half or even all of their bets if the ball lands on zero. This also further decreases the house edge in French roulette games.

Test out Various Options for Free

Whichever variation you prefer, you’ll find a host of premium quality roulette games at the leading online or mobile casinos to satisfy your tastes and level of experience. If you’re a first-time spinner, it’s a really good idea to try all of the different kinds of roulette games out before you pick a favourite.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank in order to practise your roulette strategy and try your hand at all the options. That’s because internet casinos offer free online roulette games to all players who sign up for an account, no deposit required.

Put a Different Spin on Things

To top it off, the finest Internet casinos offer more than just your standard American and European roulette wheels. They also allow you to enjoy a host of interesting alternatives that provide a similar rush to what you experience playing roulette games.

Boule, for example is similar to roulette in many ways but its rules and layout are far simpler. The wheel has 36 slots with three colours and just nine numbers, repeated four times, on which to wager. And you won’t find boule in many land-based casinos.

Play roulette games at your own convenience and discover for yourself why this casino classic has stood the test of time.

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