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Caesars Palace

The One and Only Caesars Palace Casino

With the online world dictating a lot of what the offline world now tends to do, some of the more traditional land based casinos may feel they’re steadily getting left behind. Then a place like Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino steps forward and that silly notion of being left behind disappears, instead replaced by the lavish Greco-Roman theme and motif as well as scores of casino games, restaurants, suites and so much more.

Caesars Palace is one of the largest, most popular land based casinos on the face of the earth and with the list of available activities and overall atmosphere it generates players will drop the online and get involved directly. Nearly half a century of experience lies behind this notable casino and after visiting that experience is made abundantly clear.

History and Details about Caesars Palace

Opening it doors for the first time all the way back in 1966, this casino and resort was setup by Jay Sarno, who wanted to create an experience for players where they felt like Caesars of Ancient Rome. This has been done rather effectively, with many a statue, artwork and adornment conveying such a theme alongside that of general decadence. Over the years, the entire resort and casino steadily expanded and was renovated, growing in hotel size as well as casino size. More and more towers were constructed to house rooms, as well as function facilities like concert halls and more.

The whole point of the atmosphere was to make the players and guest feel spoilt and luxurious, with the very best in restaurant options, pools and suite amenities. A popular and grandiose room collection is the villas at Caesars Palace, which include arrays of facilities and amenities like TV’s, toiletries to the nth degree and many more.

Even the waitresses are dressed in skimpy white togas, in fact the very same outfit assigned to them by Jay Sarno at the very beginning. These all show just how dedicated this establishment is at offering the guests and players such an impressive experience. Though no description is capable of conveying the true splendour of the casino and resort.

A Look at Caesars Palace Casino Games

A place like this, with all the assets listed above and many more, almost doesn’t need a casino gaming facility in order to be appealing, but of course that is the reason one goes out to the Vegas Strip, to play some casino games. With this in mind the casino supports most of the more popular casino games around the world, with the likes of Poker, Blackjack, Pai Gow, Roulette and so much more.

There is a dedicated 24 hour poker room in Caesars Palace, as well as plenty of unique slots with fun themes and bonuses. All of these add up to encompass most of the possible favourites players could have, and the presentation, amidst all that decadence, makes the gaming almost surreal. There are even specific sports betting locations with Wi-Fi and available ports so players can indulge even on their phones. Seems to be what one could likely call a full package.

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