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Playing Mobile Farkle Online

If you are a fan of online casino games, you have probably heard of Farkle. This popular dice game is also known as hot dice, Zonk or Buzzball. The classic version of this game is played with a cup and 6 dice. However the online version of the game, featuring a virtual cup has become extremely popular among online casino enthusiasts. Because of the growing number of mobile casinos, this high energy game has made its way into the mobile arena and today anyone with a smartphone, tablet or mobile device can play mobile Farkle casino games any time they want. In the notes below, we are going to explain how to play the game of Farkle so you can win real money on your mobile phone.

How to Play Mobile Farkle

The mobile Farkle casino game is played in exactly the same way as the online version. The game begins with a player throwing 6 dice out of a virtual cup and once the dice has been thrown on the table, the player counts up his or her points. The aim of Farkle is to be the first player to collect 10 000 points. After their initial throw, a player must choose which dice to keep and which to discard for their next throw. This can be similar to no deposit online bingo UK games has to offer. Each player can throw up to 6 times but must discard at least one dice after every throw. It is important to note that not all throws will score which means that in most cases a player will have to throw a few times in order to score some points.

Rolling the Dice

In the mobile Farkle casino game, once a player has finished their turn, the dice are handed clockwise around the table for the next player to score. A player may also elect to end their turn after any throw to collect their points. If you are playing against the computer, the mobile computer will automatically roll the dice and calculate its own points. Should all of the six dice score on the first throw, the player gets “hot dice”, collects the points, and then starts their turn again by throwing all six dice. In the Mobile Farkle casino game, the scoring dice are 1 and 5 as well as any other three dice that show the same number. All of the other dice combinations score no points. The following notes explain how the points work:

Totalling Your Points

In Farkle, each 5 scores 50 points. Each 1 scores 100 points. If you get three 1’s you score 1000 points. The other combinations are as follows: three 2’s scores 200 points. Three 3’s scores you 300 points. Three 4’s scores 400 points. Three 5’s score 500 points and three 6’s scores 600 points. In the mobile Farkle casino game, if you throw a set of dice an do not score, you have Farkled and you lose any points from a previous throw. This means that if you throw a decent number of points in your first one or two throws it is better to keep the points and pass on the dice rather than risking the chance of a Farkle throw and losing everything.

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