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All About Mad Piñatas Online Slots

Mad Piñatas online slot by Leander Games is a twenty five payline and five reel slot with bonus features and a ten thousand times jackpot. This slot has an artistic theme that reflects the fun, celebratory tradition of bursting candy-filled piñatas. One is not likely to find a more bright, loud and colourful theme than the one presented in Mad Piñatas. The background of this slot is an idyllic scene. The player can see a clean street and sidewalks surrounded by lush green grass, tall trees, and brightly coloured houses. The sky is blue and dotted with puffy white clouds. It’s really the perfect setting to have a piñata busting party and a great match for this slot.

The reels itself are very unique in that is actually made out of a piñata. If the player looks closely, they will see two hands and two feet at the bottom left, bottom right, top left and top right sides of the reels. At the top, there are two white eyes with black pupils and quite stern looking eyebrows. The body of the piñata itself is made up of purple, teal, red and yellow paper mache. Just like real piñatas, there are different designs and patterns on the reel.

Betting Options and AutoSpin Feature

Under the reels, the player can see some betting options as well as general info and play buttons. The player’s lines and bet per line can be adjusted via the white up and down buttons. To win big you have to play passionately like you’re playing your favourite online gambling casino games. There is also an autoplay button and the player can select how many autospins they would like to use before stopping for a rest. The player’s total bet and total win is also displayed alongside the general info and spin buttons.

Mad Piñatas Symbols

Symbols for Mad Piñatas are a mix of the candy you’d find in piñatas, the potential instruments you could use to break them open and the piñatas themselves. From least valuable to most valuable, these candy symbols include multi-coloured hard candy, a rainbow lollipop, a candy cane and a chocolate bar.

The implements for breaking the piñatas open are a bit more unusual than the candy selection. They include an aluminium bat, a cutlass sword, a medieval mace, and a chainsaw. The final three normal symbols are a blue parrot with a yellow beak, an orange and black pig and a smiling multi-coloured dog. The wild symbol in this slot is a giant metal piñata and there is also a wooden box with a pink background that serves as a bonus.

Mad Piñatas Bonus Features

If the player manages to land three of the wooden box bonus symbols on reels one, three and five then they will unlock the piñata time bonus at In this three-stage bonus, the player will pick a weapon to break the piñata, pick one piñata per reel, and smash them to show random multipliers.

In order to activate the free spins bonus round, the player must land three piñatas on the reels on which they have placed the three piñata sticks. If they match up three piñatas with three sticks, they are given ten free spins.

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